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We want to see you succeed. We make that happen by focusing on the issues you’re facing. Examples include:


Every entrepreneur knows that the first brand they must create is their personal brand. BOE offers insight into brand identification, strategies and positioning for an exit. You’ll listen to Tony Hartl elaborate on “Selling Sunshine,” the personal story of his creation of the Planet Tan brand.

Sales & Marketing

Biz Owners Ed proudly boasts a ridiculously successful group of entrepreneurs who are excited to pass along the knowledge and tools they’ve learned so that you can effectively sell and market yourself, your products and your business.

Presentation Skills

Need to brush up on your presentation skills? Krish Dhanam is one of only two executive coaches personally trained by Zig Ziglar and serves as a Biz Owners Ed speaker. You’ll also hear from Tony Jeary, author of “Life is a Series of Presentations.”

Social Media

If your business hasn’t begun taking advantage of social media, you need to start. Biz Owners Ed provides you with the knowledge and tools to capitalize in the social media arena. Eve Mayer, named by Forbes as “The Fifth Most Influential Woman in Social Media,” will educate you.

Human Resources

HR plays an essential role in developing business strategies and maintaining a successful brand. From human capital value to training and development, discover the opportunities HR provides.


Biz Owners Ed will educate you on creating and maintaining a business team that is committed to the business and aspires to innovation and excellence, just like you.

Strategic Planning

What does the U.S. Senate do when they need strategic planning advice? Hire Biz Owners Ed’s own Tony Jeary. Tony also personally coaches the presidents of organizations like Ford, Walmart and Samsung.

Corporate Culture

A corporate culture begins at the top. One of the greatest advantages of being an entrepreneur is that you get to establish the culture yourself. Biz Owners Ed assists you in creating your corporate culture.

Banking & Finance

Learn the importance of establishing relationships with more than one banker, what your banker expects from you and how to get to “yes” with your banker.


Learn when to start planning for your exit, the process of selling your business and what your buyer will be looking for in negotiating for the purchase of your business.

Compensation Plans

Explore different ways to structure compensation plans to achieve employee buy-in and to incentivize key team members to perform at their highest levels.

Entity Formation

Learn why you need to conduct business in a pass-through entity and how your choice of a pass-through entity can affect your ability to raise capital to expand your business.

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