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New entrepreneur? Emerging start-up? A certain number of seats have been allocated in the Gallery for individuals that don’t meet the criteria to apply as a class member.  As a Gallery member, you may audit all 10 weeks of the program. Auditing the program from the Gallery will allow you to derive virtually all the benefits from the program that the class members receive. You will be able to hear, absorb, and apply all the information that is presented as well as enjoying the heavy hors d’oeuvres and beverages served during each class session. The differences are: (a) you will not sit with the class, (b) you will not participate in the breakout sessions that are held during the last half hour of most sessions, and (c) you will only be able to ask questions or engage in discussions with the presenters or class members during the informal breaks. Unlike the class members, there is no penalty for missing a session. Class members must pay $500 for each missed session. A minimum tax-deductible contribution of $250 to the Biz Owners Ed non-profit is suggested, but not required from individuals that are accepted to audit the program in the Gallery.

Send in your Gallery application today. The application is below.  We look forward to learning more about you and your company.

Application Form for Biz Owners Ed


9th Annual 10-Week Program Commencing January 2021


Please fill out the following form to be considered for Biz Owners Ed Gallery. Although not mandatory, a tax-deductible donation of not less than $250 is appreciated.  Heavy hors d’oeuvres and wine are provided at the mid-session break each night. Seating is limited.

Apply for the 2021 CLASS

Deadline to apply for the Class is June 15th, 2020.*